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Summary of JI in Poland


Poland hosted and implemented 37 JI Projects in 2008-2012 period. Total achieved GHG emission reduction was 21.4 M tonnes CO2 eq.. Total verified GHG emission reduction exceeded 21.1 M tonnes CO2 eq. It was 99% of the total achieved GHG emission reduction in the period of 2008-2012.

Effective implementation of the 37 JI Projects in Poland enabled successful ERUs generation and transfer of contracted units to foreign partners. ERU transfers amounted 20 million ERUs in the period of 2008-2012. JI projects in Poland generated the most of ERUs among all the 16 EU countries hosting JI projects in 2008-2012. The Polish share of ERUs was nearly the quarter of all the ERUs generated in EU (23,4%)*.

All that proves of satisfactory execution of the joint implementation mechanism in Poland. The accomplished ecological effects should be appreciated, as well as investments in new technologies and valuable experience gained during their implementation. Enterprises broadened their understanding of the possibilities of combing environmental efforts with project oriented instruments which support innovative technical solutions. As an example: JI Projects helped to modernize production of nitrous acid in the Polish chemical sector of nitrous fertilizers production in four nitrous acid plants resulting in substantial N2O emission reductions. Thereby Poland duly performed its JI host-country tasks, while achieving its own benefits it fulfilled obligations pledged to its international partners and strengthened its credibility in the field of environmental cooperation.

There is more information on JI projects in Poland in the report: